The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.


25.03.2019 20:03

robin elliott

Hi James,
I enquired this morning about buying the lord of music but received no reply.
Are you receiving these messages?

25.03.2019 07:54

robin elliott

hi james,
very much admired your lord of the music.
how much is it?

17.02.2019 10:22



25.09.2018 15:34

Lisa Lingwood

I saw your incredible Lord of Music at Cork School of Music and thought it was amazing! Just beautiful James.

25.09.2018 18:23


Thanks Lisa I appreciate those kind words

23.09.2018 06:15

Mary Patricia Ryan

He called to me... Your Lord of Music... Enchanting piece, magnificent. James, thank you for sharing your talent.

23.09.2018 08:12


Thank You Mary

30.06.2018 13:48


I just came upon this work in Cork Airport and it really captures my attention, it’s a pleasure to just look at it.. I think I could look at this work many times, I can hear the music with this face.

23.09.2018 10:14


Thank You Alex

01.07.2018 12:37

James Mcloughlin

Thats nice that you like it Alex. Thank You it was a pleasure to work on.

03.03.2018 09:13


The detail you put into each piece is incredible. You really capture the essence of character within each study. Congratulations!

24.09.2018 10:05


Thanks Anna

24.11.2017 17:28

Daniel J. ( Donal ) Clifford

Beautiful piece of work James..... the detail !!!!!!!!!!!!!

23.09.2018 10:14


Thank You