The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.


robin elliott

25.03.2019 20:03

Hi James,
I enquired this morning about buying the lord of music but received no reply.
Are you receiving these messages?

robin elliott

25.03.2019 07:54

hi james,
very much admired your lord of the music.
how much is it?


17.02.2019 10:22


Lisa Lingwood

25.09.2018 15:34

I saw your incredible Lord of Music at Cork School of Music and thought it was amazing! Just beautiful James.


25.09.2018 18:23

Thanks Lisa I appreciate those kind words

Mary Patricia Ryan

23.09.2018 06:15

He called to me... Your Lord of Music... Enchanting piece, magnificent. James, thank you for sharing your talent.


23.09.2018 08:12

Thank You Mary


30.06.2018 13:48

I just came upon this work in Cork Airport and it really captures my attention, it’s a pleasure to just look at it.. I think I could look at this work many times, I can hear the music with this face.


23.09.2018 10:14

Thank You Alex

James Mcloughlin

01.07.2018 12:37

Thats nice that you like it Alex. Thank You it was a pleasure to work on.


03.03.2018 09:13

The detail you put into each piece is incredible. You really capture the essence of character within each study. Congratulations!


24.09.2018 10:05

Thanks Anna

Daniel J. ( Donal ) Clifford

24.11.2017 17:28

Beautiful piece of work James..... the detail !!!!!!!!!!!!!


23.09.2018 10:14

Thank You

Latest comments

13.09 | 17:33

Superb workmanship.

11.04 | 10:40

Hi, I was wondering if you do slate memorial stones

10.11 | 15:06

I’m in awe of your work. Would you consider making a quite small headstone to be adjacent to a main Celtic -Cross monument ?

09.05 | 17:04

The Headstone with the bird on the branch, what material is this made of, and also do youwork with Slate. Also wondered are you familar with the work of Fergus Wessels re
Headstones. Oxfordshire.

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