Stone Carving

A permanent memorial is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of civilisation. For many people a memorial is a visible link between their departed loved ones and themselves. Choosing the right memorial can be an easy transition, provided that you receive the right advice.

A headstone marks a person’s life and legacy.  James works with the family to fulfil their need to commemorate their loved ones in a lasting and personal way. Each headstone is created uniquely.

Natural Stones quarried in Ireland and England are used in the creation of the headstones.  Blue Limestone is quarried in Kilkenny Ireland. The finish can vary in colour from a light blue grey to a dark blue black.  In the hands of a sculptor, the combination of colours and textures can be manipulated into beautiful colours and textures. 

Portland Stone is quarried in Portland England. This is a white creamy colour and soft to work with. It holds detail extremely well and can produce beautiful carvings on any headstone.

Valentia  Slate is quarried in Co. Kerry.  It requires minimum maintenance and carves letters to a high level.  The colour  is dark blue purple.